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About me

Since 2000, Marie-Chantal has devoted herself to the design and production of jewelry that recreates the fluidity and natural movement of living things: plants, fossils, and minerals. Her inspiration finds her very close; From its Atelier in the harmonious cloud forest enclave of Monteverde, impresses passion and dedication to each jewel.
The desire of the artist is that each personalized creation can convey the emotions, dreams, and experiences of the person who carries it, turning the jewel into a piece of mobile art. Her creations are reflected in rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, among others capable of combining the energy and diversity of nature that surrounds her with the heritage and knowledge of her travels and lived experiences.



"I will guide you through a journey of co-creation."


Let's talk, come to my studio!

I invite you to co-design your own unique piece of jewelry
in the idyllic setting of the Costa Rican cloud forest. 
In a wooden studio surrounded by banana trees,
I will guide you through a journey of co-creation.
Explore my collection of gemstones and fossils from around the world to discover the perfect hues and shades to adorn your piece. Discuss themes, motifs, and materials. Then relax with a cup of locally grown organic coffee while you watch the expert at work, channeling your inspiration onto my page until my sketches embody your vision.


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